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‘He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skills of a physician’ 

Nutrition at SIPS: 

“What shall I eat?’’ Surely one of the commonest questions put to the doctor by the patient. We at SIPS provide individual DIET CHARTS to the patients as per their   condition so that, their nutritional requirements are adequately met and their rate of recovery is fast.

       Special attention is paid to Burn and Trauma patients, as they require a carefully planned diet to meet their metabolic needs. Diets are planned in such a way that it provides a proper balance of macro and micronutrients along with palatability.                 


We provide individualized enteral feeds to the patients who require naso- gastric feeding. These feeds are prepared using special formulas to meet the nutritional requirement of the patient. These feeds are prepared separately under hygienic conditions to minimize infection. 


Parenteral nutrition is mainly administered when the patient cannot be fed through the enteral route. Special feeding formulas containing glucose, amino acids, lipids and  micronutrients are given to the patients. 



Nutritionist Panel

Dr Kirti Gupta

Diet Consultations for Special Conditions

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