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  • Do you have a crown with black metal edge ?
    Do you have a stained tooth?
    Do you have a tooth that requires crown treatment ?
    The solution for you is a Procera All ceram Crown .In long term clinical studies , 7-10 years ,Procera All Ceram Crown has been documented and proven to be a successful solution which can be placed in any position in the mouth.
    Do you have a missing tooth in esthetic part of your smile?
    The solution for you is a three unit Procera All Ceram Bridge .This is probably the most esthetic bridge in the market today .It is also the optional choice for patients with metal allergy.
    Would you like to change your smile?
    Do you want to change the appearance of a rotated , fractured or dislocated tooth?.
    The solution for you is Procera All Cer am Laminate .With very limited preparation of your tooth ,0.5-0.7mm on the visual part of the tooth,Procera All Ceram Laminate can alter the appearance of a tooth.
    Whether you need a single crown , three unit bridge or a veneer , Procera All Ceram offers the solution for you.
    Procera All Ceram is a restorative system that covers most esthetically demanding indications and still offers longevity.
    If you choose a restorative system rather than just any restoration , it will be easier to match esthetic results for treatment in the future.
    The esthetic results that are possible to achieve with Procera All Ceram are remarkable .The optical properties of the densely sintered aluminium oxide core provide an optimal base for the dental technician to complete the porcelain work.It is almost impossible to distinguish a real tooth from a Procera All Ceram restoration.
    Procera All Ceram restorations do not contain any metal alloys .This means that the risk of allergy is negligible .Furthermore , the densely sintered aluminium oxide complies with implant standards .This results in a good soft tisue response and healthy gums around the restorations.