Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic surgery forms the bulk of plastic surgical procedures and includes reconstruction of any body parts that may be absent since birth (Congenital anomalies) or lost in trauma (post traumatic defects/deformities), resection & reconstruction in cancer (Onco-Plastic Surgery). Example includes breast reconstruction, cleft lip & palate, cranio-facial surgeries & reconstructions, male & female genital reconstruction etc. Among the trauma, the crush or compound injury/fracture of limbs (upper or lower limb) is one injury that can only be properly managed with the team of reconstructive plastic surgeons. These injuries or fractures are nowadays very common in road traffic accident. Very early involvement & timely intervention of reconstructive plastic surgeon is the key for an optimum output in the sense of early & better recovery (grossly lowering the morbidity and ultimate cost of treatment). SIPS is the best center (and probably the only re-plantation/micro-vascular surgery center in true sense due to round the clock availability of plastic surgeons in the hospital campus) for the re-plantation of amputated limbs if arrived timely (within 4-hrs of amputation).  SIPS is probably the only center where facial bony injuries (Maxillo-facial Injuries) can be dealt properly because we appreciate that these are not just bones. Face is for beauty and our identity, houses our senses and performs number of very important functions like chewing and speaking. Only we can respect both soft tissues and hard bones to give best results in maxillofacial injuries & diseases .SIPS not just manage the acute burned victims properly, but also correct the various kind of post burn deformities, contractures & scars in survivors of burnt victims. At SIPS we consider “Hand” the gift of God. SIPS Plastic surgery unit replanted many amputated limbs in last 6-months. Other Hand surgeries includes tendon repairs & transfers, congenital deformities, industrial & agricultural injuries, blast & gum shot injuries, rheumatoid deformities etc.

Doctors Panel: Department Of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. R. K. Mishra

Dr. Reetesh Purwar

Dr. Sumit Malhotra