Department of Physiotherapy


Welcome to the department of SIPS specialized physiotherapy rehabilitation centre.
Our aim is comprehensive work for betterment of patients with excellence.

SIPS physiotherapy provides modern techniques with most sophisticated digital electronic equipment.  SIPS physiotherapy always aware of most modern research and advanced techniques for manipulation and mobilization.





Speciality :

Specialized Rehabilitation Program for :-
  • Burn injury;
  • Head injury;
  • Nerve injury,
  • Amputation.


Provision of Rehabilitation of Patients through :- 

Calipers, Splints, braces, pressure garments, etc.

Free Specialized Treatment for Heamophilic Patient :- 

Training Programs :-

  • Clinical Training for Physiotherapy Students;
  • Internship Training for Physiotherapy Students;
  • Seminar, Scientific paper presentation by expert Physiotherapist; as well as specialized Doctors. 

3 months specialized training program in Burn and Hand Physiotherapy :-

                                       (only for qualified physiotherapist)

Educational Program for :-

  1. Diploma in Physiotherapy (U.P. State Medical Faculty);
  2. Bachelor in Physiotherapy (in process);

Doctors Panel:Department Of Physiotherapy

Dr. Sanjay Singh

Dr. Geeta Suri



Various Facilities Offered

  • Collective as well as individual attention;
  • Burn and Trauma ICU  Physiotherapy for 24 hours;
  • Life Saving Post Operative Physiotherapy;
  • Sport Injury Specialized Physiotherapy;
  • Pain Relieving Physiotherapy;
  • Post Traumatic Fracture Stiffness Physiotherapy;
  • Old Age Physiotherapy;
  • Keep Fit your self through Physiotherapy;
  • Special Treatment for human body & beauty physiotherapy.

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