Over Dentures

  • Over Dentures

Over dentures is a kind of device that uses precision dental attachments to hold the denture down. An over denture treatment involves placing of over denture in tooth roots or into the dental implants which have been placed inside the mouth. An over denture is highly efficient for the people who have lost most or all the lower teeth as it fastens a denture to the jawbone much similar to the natural teeth.
Adjacent teeth to the over denture might be altered with locking devices or connecting bars so that the dentures may fit properly. Bar joint dentures and telescopic dentures are the two types of over dentures. These bar joints support the dentures better than individual implants and hence are highly beneficial.
A Telescopic over denture treatment is the best option for patients who have compromised bone density due to age or any kind of oral disease. Some of the benefits of this dental treatment include the prevention of bone loss as the dental implants done after fixing over denture strengthens the surrounding bone structure. Thus it helps giving an esthetic appeal, improves speech, provide proper jaw alignment and chewing efficiency.

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