Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Welcome to the Department of Orthopedic Surgery which is the prestigeous part of the SIPS hospital.It consists of team of well experienced and trained doctors of diffirent super specialities,come from the premier institutes of the country.We serve the patients to cure them with the latest technology and advanced surgical management.We have specialized to to deal with complex and complicated trauma,joint replacement surgery including hip and knee replacements,arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgeries.Other then these we deal with pediatric orthopaedic surgery,deformity correction and key hole surgeries.Our aim is to carry out the world's best possible treatment with the excellancy and at the affordable cost.

Doctors Panel:Department Of Orthopedics Surgery

Dr. Santosh Singh

Dr. Surya Mani Dwivedi

Dr. Uttam Garg


Department of Rheumatology

Rheumatology is a branch of medical science which deals with diagnosis and treatment of various joint diseases. Unlike in the western world , where the speciality has got established long back , in India there are not many trained rheumatologists to address the huge demands of the population.

Rheumatological diseases can effect all age groups and could be seen in both men and women. Unlike common misconception that joint problems are diseases of elderly and excercises are the only remedy available , if properly diagnosed and treated by a qualified rheumatologist , these diseases can be controlled by adequate treatment. Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis ,  gout , seronegative spondyloarthropathies ( ankylosing spondylitis , reactive arthritis , psoriatic arthritis etc.) and osteoarthritis are prevalent in our country with most patients not having access to qualified rheumatogy services. Common people also believe that lot of dietary restrictions are needed for controlling these diseases and modern medicine has only “pain killers” available as treatment of these diseases. Properly trained rheumatologists are needed for adequate diagnosis and treatment of these problems.

We , in Sushrut Institute of Plastic Surgery , have started a department of rheumatology under Dr. Skanda  Shukla , MD ( Medicine ) , DM ( Immunology ). The department runs its out patient clinic daily from Mondays to Fridays. We also offer supportive lab services for the diagnosis of these diseases.

 Although the list is long , some of the diseases which are managed under this department are as follows :

1.)  Rheumatoid arthritis : Its an autoimmune diseases which apart from joints could also effect other parts of the body like eyes, skin , lungs etc. Although more common in females , it can be seen in any age and sex. Twenty years back , not many drugs were available for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. However , lot of new molecules have come up with effective control of the disease allowing patients to carry on their daily activities without any pain or stiffness. These drugs are collectively known as disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs (DMARDS).  Last decade also saw launching of various new molecules which target tumor necrosis factor (TNF ) in the body which plays a main role in causing this disease. These drugs are called anti TNF therapies ( infliximab , etanercept and adalimumab).

2.)  Gout : Although a common disease since antiquity , this diseae caused due to excess uric acid deposition is neither properly diagnosed nor treated. Apart from effecting the joints, uric acid could also get deposited in the organs like kidneys and cause kidney failure. Scientific advancements have lead to discovery of newer and more effective therapies for gout.

3.)  Ankylosing spondylitis : A disease commonly seen in young men , with predominant symptom of back pain , this diseases could also effect other organs like eyes, intestines and heart. Delay in therapy and improper treatment could lead to functional disabilities . Anti TNF therapy has come up as a big hope for these patients .

4.)  Osteoarthritis : It is a disease which leads to pain , swelling and disability in middle aged and elderly and  is often thought to be untreatable. Treatment of osteoarthritis in late stages is joint replacement. However , life style modification , proper excercises and adequate use of drugs could delay this surgical procedure.

5.)  Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE): SLE is a diseases commonly seen in young women characterized by fever , oral ulcers , skin rash and sometimes kidney disease. Proper rheumatologist is needed for diagnosing this disease. Delayed and improper treatment could lead to damage and even death of the patient.

6.)  Polymyositis / Dermatomyositis : These diseases effect the skin and the muscles leading to muscle weakness. Lack of poroper treatment can lead to irreparable damage of even death due to respiratory muscle weakness.



Doctors Panel:Department Of Immunology & Rhematology

Dr. Skand Shukla


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