(Dental Veneers)

Ceramic laminate veneers are all white, thin ceramic shells, which fit precisely onto the faces of prepared anterior teeth. Like bonding, veneers are used to cover up discoloration, cracks and chipping, and to change the shape or size of your teeth. Veneers outperform bonding with greater resilience and a greater resistance to stains and dulling.Most veneer procedures require two appointments to complete, the first of which is dedicated to preparing and taking an impression of the teeth. Veneers are minimally invasive restorations. Therefore,we need to remove only a small portion of the face and top edge of a tooth to achieve a proper preparation design. After the tooth or teeth are prepared, an impression is taken, which, along with accompanying photos and models, is sent to the lab. The lab fabricates porcelain shells, which, not unlike false fingernails on your fingertips, fit onto your teeth. These are your veneers.
During your second appointment,we will cement your veneers onto your teeth. Be sure to leave plenty of time for this appointment, since placing veneers is a meticulous and delicate procedure. Each veneer must be trial fitted and assessed for aesthetic and functional success before final cementation. If required, fine adjustments are made prior to or immediately after final cementation.Ceramic laminate veneer procedures are exacting, but their results can be extremely worthwhile. Stronger and longer lasting than composite resin restorations, they are the current state-of-the-art procedure to restore and beautify your smile.