Welcome to SIPS , Super Speciality Hospital !

Our Vision:Center of excellence for surgical super specialities.

Our Ambition: Zero Referral from our Institute.

Our Strength

Team Approach : Thoroughly Professional.

The Team:Team work is essence of any organization and good team coordination can enhance the skills of individual doctors.

The Concepts: Breaking away from the system of on call Doctors , we provide round the clock PHYSICAL ONSITE PRESENCE of Plastic Surgeons and other related super specialists (Neuro-Surgeon , Orthopedic Surgeon & Intensivists.) with full knowledge of every patient.

The Determination:To strenghthen the "weakest link" by further training of the already trained nurses and paramedical staff,so as to make them aware of sophisticated needs of each super speciality.

The Resolution:To educate people & spread the understanding that Plastic Surgery is not a branch for few and use all means of information to masses & Doctors alike what all we do.That Trauma is a Super Speciality in its own right.

The Committment: To stay update & bring to the nation the latest of the techniques and the technology.

The Concern :To change the tarnishing image of Doctors by sensitive and sympathetic approach to burn victims and poor patients.

The Humanity:To pay back the harvest of Academic labour to the beautiful city of Lucknow.

SIPS team:The mission of our hospital is to empower all the people of the world with core skills that will enrich their lives with inspiration, positive thoughts and goal setting competencies so that they achieve Infinite Success.