It was a proud moment for SIPS as Managing Director Dr. R.K Mishra received the National Award in India (Rashtriya Rattan Award) for his service to the nation.It is to be noted that Dr.Mishra has been one of the best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons in the country .The award was given at Bithal Bhai Patel House,Constitution Club,Parliament Street , New Delhi on 23rd May 2009.The award was given in the auspicious presence of Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh , Governor , Karnataka and Sri. TN Chaturvedi.The award was conferred by H.E Dr Ahmed Salem Al - Washishi(Ambassador -League of Arab States Mission).The award has been given to Dr. Mishra for his distinguished services to the nation and for outstanding individual achievements.The governing body of the award is Citizens Integration Peace Society .The Society gives two awards Pride of India and Rashtriya Rattan Award to the people from different fields every year..

Dr.Mishra Receiving the award (below)