Department of Physiotherapy



Dr. Sanjay Singh                   

M.Sc , B.P.T

(Registration No. 419) 





Professional Activities 

  1. Participate in National workshop on Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation organized by P.G.Deptt & Plastic Surgery King George’s Medical University Lucknow on 8th & 9th Oct 2005.
  1. Physiotherapy Internship from K.G. Medical University in the Deptt.
    • Plastic Surgery.
    • Neuro Surgery.
    • Ortho Surgery.
    • Cardio Surgery.
    • Neurology .

      in 2005. 

  1. C.M.E. on Hemophilia and other Bleeding Disorders conducted by Hemophilia Federation (India) and Deptt of Pathology & Deptt of Medicine K.G. Medical University Lucknow on 23rd & 24th Sep 2005.
  1. Attended 4th Annual Conference of Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services Welfare Association U.P. on 11th & 12th Dec 2004 at Lucknow.
  1. 4th Annual Conference of Physio-occupational therapy on 11th, 12th & 13th Feb 2005 at Allahabad.
  1. 5th Annual Conference of Physiotherapy and occupational therapy on 19th & 20th Nov 2005 at Kanpur.
  1. Worked as Hon Physiotherapist in Plastic Surgery Deptt K.G. Medical University for one year (2005-2006).

    * Specialized in Burn & Plastic Surgery Cases.


Dr. Geeta Suri  


(Registration No.) 

Currently working as Consultant Physiotherapy in Haemophillia Society ,Lucknow (World Haemophillic Society)

Experience and specialization

1.ICTH Training in 2009 from Vellore CMC Medical College).
2.Special Training in K.M.C Mumbai.
3.Specialized physiotherapy in NeuroSurgery & Neurology Rehabilitation.
4. 4 yrs experience in Neuro working with and under Dr.D.K Chhabbra retired Professor S.G.P.G.I.
and Presently working under him.
5. Specialized work in old age patients for 6 Months in AAstha Hospital , Lucknow.

1.Paper presentation in 2009.
2.On 17th April 2008 on World Haemophillia Day attended Importance of Physiotherapy in Haemophillia.
3.Free treatment at SIPS is given by her in Haemophillia.

Seminar Attended
1.POICON 2004.
2.POICON 2005.
3.APCON 2006.

4.Workshop in Haemophillia 2006 K.G.M.U.
5.P.N.F Workshop 2007.
6.Burn Week Seminar attended .
7.AIIMS 2008 Conference .

You can reach her at +91-9919829585